Sorry Northern Maine, Southwest not coming to Bangor

Last week, when I first reported that Southwest Airlines, the country’s largest domestic airline, is coming to Portland International Jetport as a result of its 2011 acquisition of AirTran, several people had the same question: What about Bangor International Airport?

Well, a Southwest spokesman confirmed for me today that the airline is not considering expanding its service to BIA at this time.

At the moment, Southwest is busy integrating AirTran and the airports it served into its network. As AirTran didn’t serve BIA, it’s not on Southwest’s radar for now.

“With regards to Bangor … we have no immediate plans to serve that market,” Chris Mainz, a Southwest spokesman, told me. “We certainly have our hands full with [the AirTran integration] and have no plans to announce any cities outside of that.”

Whit Richardson

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