New York restaurant charges $2K for Maine lobster dish

It’s hard to believe, but a posh Italian restaurant in New York City is offering a dish of pasta with fresh Maine lobster for $2,013.

And apparently people are buying it, according to the Gothamist (you can also see a photo of the dish at this link). Some people truly live in another world.

The dish — which is apparently in honor of Bice Restaurant‘s 25th anniversary — consists of homemade tagliolini, two pounds of fresh Maine lobster, wild mushrooms and black truffle shavings. In addition, it’s served on a gold-leaf plate designed by the late Gianni Versace, which those crazy enough to order the dish can take home. Thankfully, the dish’s price includes gratuity.

I wonder how much the lobstermen whose catch ends up in Bice’s kitchen gets for his or her catch?


Whit Richardson

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